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Hot Hair Do's For The Holidays

Posted By: Style Guys http://calgary.virginradio.ca/Blog/styleguys/home.aspx · 11/15/2013 5:28:00 AM
This week, Danaye has been going gaga (so to say) for Jennifer Lawrence's new haircut. Blonde, short and sweet, she's rocking the pixie cut. It's swept to the side, pulled back behind the ear and she looks great. Can Danaye make this work? Can you? Every woman is tempted to chop all her hair off now and then but should you? Here are a few tips on what the hot haircuts are holiday 2013. 
The pixie: Why it works on Jennifer? She's slim, has great cheekbones and has a long neck. She's a bit of a pixie looking girl. Think Amelie or Jamie Lee Curtis-types. This cut draws a lot of attention to the face so if you have cheekbones like Jennifer you will fare well. This is not going to work as well if you are very tall or have a long face. This is a look ...

The World's Most Stylish Countries

Posted By: Style Guys http://calgary.virginradio.ca/Blog/styleguys/home.aspx · 11/1/2013 5:24:00 AM

A recent article by CNN listed the most stylish countries in the world. We can only imagine the extensive research that must have gone into this one. And beyond that would like to reach out to any media outlet that would like us to develop a more comprehensive list. 

No surprises that Canada didn't make the list. Sure, we have our fair share of stylish countrymen but when it comes to true high style we've got a long way to go, eh?

Here are the top five, the complete list can be found here: http://travel.cnn.com/worlds-best-dressed-nations-148711

5. United Kingdom
A definite hot-bed for fashion, the Brits brought us James Bond of course! From 80 punk to proper attire, you'll find whatever you want on the high streets of London.

4. Japan
The Japanese do not fear style. In fact, the more colourful, outlandish and provocative the better. They are even coming ...

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Posted By: Style Guys http://calgary.virginradio.ca/Blog/styleguys/home.aspx · 10/25/2013 7:30:00 AM

If you’re anything like us, Halloween costumes tend to be a last minute decision. If you’re running a bit behind on your costume, fear not, we have some ideas on how you can wow fellow trick-or-treaters at this year’s festivities. 

Skittlespox – this one is pretty easy actually. Get a bag of Skittles and a container of eyelash glue. I would keep these with me all night because inevitably someone will try and eat you. Having extras on hand means you can also spread the rainbow around the party.


Prancercize Lady—one of this year’s biggest youtube sensations, this costumes is less about the outfit and more about your prancing. Go to youtube and then go directly to your mother or granmother’s closet to find her casual wear. You’ll also need some hand weights, bad wig and a camel toe (seriously, this is key to pulling off the costume).

Zombie ...