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Family Guy kills off a main character!!

Family Guy, killed off Brian last night! A main character for all 11 seasons, Brian was killed by a car in last night's episode. Stewie tried to save Brian by going back in time to prevent the accident, but was unable to rebuild his recently disassembled time machine in time. Brian was replaced by a new dog, Vinnie, voiced by The Sopranos' Tony Sirico. The American Music Awards were last night. Taylor Swift won Artist of the year as well as Favorite Female. Justin Timberlake was also a big winner taking home Favorite Male Artist and Favorite R&B Album. Rihanna was given the first ever Icon Award and it was actually her mom who presented her with the award and had some amazing things to say to her. As for the performances, nothing really too crazy! Miley closed the show but she didn’t do anything ridiculous, except for her weirdo signature outfit. She closed the show singing Wrecking Ball with a kitten mouthing the words on a giant screen behind her. Katy Perry’s the one who caused the controversy last night- she dressed up as a Geisha girl for her performance and some people are calling it racist.  What do you ... more

Bieber Makes an entire country that isn't Canada angry!

Who has Justin Bieber upset this week? An entire country. He’s on tour in South American right now and performed in Argentina on Saturday night. Things got ugly when fans tossed a pair of Argentine flags onto the stage. Bieber wiped them across and off the stage using both his shoes and microphone stand. Many were offended by his actions, which were captured in various cell phone videos and posted to Youtube. The bad news for Bieber? The footage has obviously gone viral. The even worse news? Disgracing Argentina's flag is a crime "punishable by up to four years in prison."   Let's just send him to space..... Rumour is that Robin Thicke may have hooked up with Britney Spears back in the day. "In Touch" magazine claims that Britney and Robin  slept together back in 2003, after collaborating on a project that never saw the light of day. At the time, Britney would have been around the age of 21, and Robin would have been about 26. And while he wasn't married yet, Robin's been with his wife Paula Patton since they were in high school.   Pop newbie Lorde stirred up some trouble when she called out Taylor Swift ... more

Will Zac Efron Still be as Pretty?!

Zac Efron was injured in a super bizarre way this week. He broke his jaw after slipping and falling in a puddle outside of his home. The world will have to go without his beautiful smile for a while now LA lot of people are saying the story seems weird and suspicious and are worried that he may be back on drugs. I can honestly say that I have broken a bone when falling in a puddle as well. Maybe not so pretty anymore?? Fifty Shades of Grey has done its first photoshoot with its new Christian Grey Jamie Dornan. It’s on the cover on entertainment weekly. Go check it out on our facebook page and tell us if it’s how you imagine Anastasia Steele and Mr Grey. They’ve also set a release date- talk about a romantic valentines day- it’ll be out Feb 14, 2015. Kim Kardashian was pulled over yesterday on an L.A. freeway and it caused total chaos. It sounds like she was speeding while trying to get away from multiple cars driven by paparazzi. About 5 cars were following her and when she was pulled over, they jumped out of their cars in the middle of the freeway to ... more

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