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  • Massive Concert Announcement and Brand new Iggy!

    In case you missed it, we made a HUGE concert announcement this morning! One Direction will be coming to Edmonton next summer! Make sure you tweet us to win your way in! Read More
    Celebrity Sleaze
  • Stop #29

    Stop 29 was kind of an awkward one... I met up with DJ Kav and his parents and APPARENTLY, they didn't appreciate me showing my nipples at the table. People are so sensative! What's your worst meeting the parents story? Tweet me! @TJOnVirgin! Read More
    100 Bars In 100 Days
  • Stop #28

    That's 28! Nixx is right up Edmonton Trail, and has some of the best pizza I've ever ate. I even made a couple friends! Shout out to Brian, Al, and Connor for hanging out with me.  Read More
    100 Bars In 100 Days
  • Stop #27

    "When you called me before you came, I didn't think this was real, but you have a board so it's obviously true then" -Our lovely server Chelsea. Houston's had the best $2 buger I've ever ate.  Read More
    100 Bars In 100 Days
  • Stop #26

    Jameson's is easily one of the best bars in this lovely city. They also know how to get a young fella named TJ a little tipsy! Also, LOOK AT ALL THE NEW FRIENDS I MADE! Read More
    100 Bars In 100 Days

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