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  • Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is a thing?! And Meet the New Bachelor

    The New Bachelor Canada has been announced. Meet Tim Warmels, a former investment banker and enterprenuer from Ontario. Bachelor Canada kicks off its next season in the fall. Read More
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  • YYC's Top 5 Countdown from CTV Morning Live - April 14

    New Countdown with the wonderful Kelsey McEwan from CTV Morning Live! Read More
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  • Grumpy Cat Copies Pharrell at the MTV Movie Awards

    The MTV Movie Awards were last night. The Hunger Games Catching Fire won HUGE taking home Movie of the Year and earning Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson Best Female and Male performance. Read More
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  • Letterman has a replacement and we talk to BOTH Big Brother Evictees!

    David Letterman announced that he’s retiring in 2015 last week and we already know who his replacement is- Stephen Colbert! On his current show, The Colbert Report, he talked about the respect he has for David Letterman and joked "I gotta tell you, I do not envy whoever they try to put in that chair," he deadpanned. "Folks, those are some huge shoes to fill and some really big pants." Read More
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  • To Colour Or Not To Colour

    So whats up with this fad of celebs colouring their hair strange and pale shades?! Well, it is the newest thing... and some are pulling it off, and some not so much. We love it when a new trend comes on board, however this one is a little tough as only 1% of the population can pull it off. We can all remember the days when the fad was brightly coloured hair from blue, red and orange... even Aly had red highlights in his hair at one point (something, I wish I could take back) Which is something you don't want to hear when it comes to style. So keep this trend to the celebs and let their hair artists colour, dye, ombre, and whatever else it is that they do to their hair to make it the shades they do. The upkeep and maintenance on this hair alone would drive us insane... so keep your head and wallet happy and pass on this for the everyday... here are our tops picks for hits and misses with coloured hair.  Read More
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