A Social Text-periment

I've noticed that often when I compliment my wife, her initial reaction is 'What do you want?' or 'What are you up to?'

And she was right. A lot of the time I do want something or am up to something. But sometimes I just want to let her know how amazing I think she is.

So I wanted to see if all women automatically assume their man is up to something when they compliment them...or if it's just my wife.

I asked my friends to text their wives/girlfriends the following message and forward me their responses.

The message was 'I forgot to tell you before I left the house this morning that you look really beautiful today.'

Here's what they got back:

-"Did someone make you write that? Doesn't sound like you"
-"Who is this? Did someone get a hold of my husbands phone?"
One guy didn't even try and said "Yeah right...then she'll expect that every day."
So in the name of science I decided to expand my sample size some more. I asked some of the guys from here at work to text their wives and girlfriends the same message. Expecting the results to be the same, I was suprised with the results.
-"Thanks darling."
-"You always look beautiful! You make me smile! Love!"
-"Awe...You're the sweetest boy in the universe."
Again one person refused to send the text. That person was Boss Chad. But unlike the guy who didn't want her to "expect that everyday" Chad refused to because apparently he "didn't forget (to tell her how beautiful she was)...cause I'm the best boyfriend ever."
What did my wife say? Her response was "Thanks. Are you sucking up for a reason or just because?"
Apparently I need to start hanging out with the people here at work more to turn my fortunes around.

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